Preserving your baby’s cord blood and tissue can bring great things. It is simple.

Unboxing Your Newborn Stem Cell Collection Kit

You do you boo…

You do you boo…

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Register and pay online

Sign up with us online or contact us to assist you.

Receive your personalised collection kit

Shortly after registration, we will deliver your Newborn Stem Cell Collection Kit. Keep it at room temperature and out of direct sunlight until the big day.

On the big day

At baby’s birth, hand your kit to your doctor or midwife and they will take care of the collection. A maternal blood sample will be taken from mom for additional testing.


Give us a call to arrange the medical courier. The collection kit will be transported securely to the processing laboratory.

Family Time

Focus on your baby, we’ll handle the rest. You will be notified as soon as your baby’s stem cells are in their new home.

Tissue Typing

A cheek swab sample will be collected from your baby for tissue typing, by a trained CELVI representative after birth, usually within 2 days. You will be contacted to arrange an appointment.
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What we do

What we do

Safe travels

Your newborn’s stem cells are transported to Next Biosciences’ laboratory by a specialised healthcare courier.

Preserving the cells

Your newborn’s cord blood and tissue will be processed and cryopreserved.

Quality testing

Quality testing will be done throughout the processing procedure.

A new home

Your newborn’s stem cells will be frozen and stored in the secured facility.

Checking in

After your baby’s newborn stem cells are comfortably in their new home, we’ll connect with you.

Guarding your legacy

The advanced integrated technology system monitors temperature and environment with multiple daily checks.

Kit Pickup Instructions

1. After the birth of your baby, please check that the collection kit contains the following

  • Cord blood sample, labelled
  • Cord tissue sample, labelled
  • Maternal blood samples, labelled
  • Collection Record Form, completed by Mom and the healthcare professional

2. Please contact us for pickup and have the following information available:

  • Mother’s name and surname
  • Hospital name and address
  • Room number
  • Collection Kit Number
  • Date and time of birth

3. Complete the enclosed courier waybill in the kit.

CELVI will make all the arrangements with with an experienced and specialised healthcare courier to look after the precious cargo during transportation. We will keep you connected the whole way and let you know as soon as the collection kit arrived at the lab via SMS.


M-D-05.8 V1 – 2019/09/09

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The treating doctor will determine the use of cord blood for treatment, depending on many factors, including the patient’s medical condition, the quality of the cord blood sample, if the patient’s own cord blood can be used or an adequately matched donor’s cord blood.The use of cord blood has been established in stem cell transplantation and has been used to treat more than 80 diseases. The use of cord blood in regenerative medicine is still being researched and there is no guarantee that treatments being studied in the laboratory, clinical trials, or other experimental treatments will be available in the future.The use of cord tissue stem cells is still in early research stages, and there is no guarantee that treatments using cord tissue stem cells will be available in the future. Cord tissue stem cells are found in the cord tissue which is stored whole. Additional processing will be required to isolate the stem cells from the tissue for use. CELVI (Pty) Ltd outsources all cord blood and tissue processing and storage activities to Next Biosciences in Midrand, South Africa, a licensed and AABB accredited facility.

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